“Oh, you’re from Detroit, What part?”

The question you get asked when you tell people where you’re from.

Born and raised on Marlowe st. between Pembroke and Chippewa, I was the only and youngest child in a family FULL of single women. My mom had me when she was 23, we lived with my grandmother until I was 7 years old.

Being raised by a family of women, I pretty much kept to myself and was naturally taught to be independent. My grandmother has always been the breadwinner of the family. I got my love of fashion from her. She was always well put together. Our bonding time included bargain shopping and going out to dinner. T.J. Maxx and Famous Daves was our favorite combo. Aside from fashion, she always kept me in a summer program growing up. from DAPCEP engineering programs, to Gail Perry Masons money camps, to Renee Flukers Midnight Golf Program... my mind has always been stimulated with valuable ethics that I still utilize today.

At the age of 7, my mom and I moved to Ferndale, Michigan. A city not too far from my home growing up. I gained interest in music and fell In love with the flute. All throughout elementary and middle school, I played in the chamber ensemble and then moved on to play in marching band up until high school.

Farmington Hills was my transition to the suburbs. I’ve always been that unique kid that got along with so many people but never followed trends. Even when I tried, I never fit in. Like my Freshman year of High School when a group of friends at the time wanted to attend a scream tour concert, I went so out of my way to be perceived as “cool”. I had my mom buy me the trendiest Lot29 outfit and some air forces JUST for this concert, knowing she couldn’t afford it, and I felt so out of place. I just wasnt used to WANTING to fit in, but because of the friends I was going out with, I couldn‘t stand out like a sore thumb and my mom wanted me to have the best experience.

Thats when I realized how important it was to stay true to myself. At such a young age I was so in tuned to being self-reliant. The things that the girls my age were interested in were totally different than what I had been exposed to. This created a shyness about me that made me stay in my own lane.

My mom has always been a supportive free spirit. She enjoys the simple things in life and was always so creative and innovative. She inspired me to go the opposite path of everyone else. When I got to college I moved out to stay on my own. I studied graphic design and fashion. The merge of both worlds birthed my passion of communicating with people visually. Through fashion, branding, and photography.

Just like a butterfly, the stages of life that I spent in a cocoon prepared me to breakout and spread my wings and own ALL of what makes me, ME!


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