City Girls Big Dreams

Turning dreams into reality with collaboration, mentorship and social networking with other City Girls with Big Dreams.

Our main goal is to provide poverty communities with equal education and the right business resources that will turn their dreams into a profitable business in their neighborhood.

City Girls Big Dreams seeks to educate, empower and inspire young women to identify their dreams and turn them into reality, by providing them with the opportunities to network, gain resources and support.

Founder, Tracy Garley, developed C.G.B.D after she graduated from Michigan State University and started her own purse and accessories boutique, Zarkpas. She realized the importance of support within her community and motivated her friends and other young women to become entrepreneurs.

Membership Based Benefit and Programs

Mentor Mondays- Each C.G.B.D member will have a variety of mentors to connect with.

Business Plan Workshop- Every third Sunday evening, mentors will be available to assist with starting or finishing your business plans and resumes.

Book Club- Every other month we will be stimulating our mind with a variety of related subjects such as financial literacy, branding, and motivational reads. Each member will tell us about their book of choice, what they've gained, and how they plan to apply the lessons to their life.

Mixers- Each C.G.B.D member will have access to networking events that present the opportunity to collaborate with each other.

Community Involvement- Each C.G.B.D member must complete A community service before the end of the year. For example, volunteer at a shelter, community clean up, or conduct a canned-food drive.

Partnership- C.G.B.D will have a chance to partnership with other organizations who focus on development and community building.

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