Daddy Issues

Growing up without a father didn’t affect me until I started grade school and saw a few of my friends getting picked up by their dads, then curiosity flooded my mind... why do all these kids have dads and I don’t? For my 14th birthday my mom gave me the best news... she found my dad! I was excited and nervous all at the same time. FINALLY my missing puzzle piece was found. Growing up the only child, I was so excited to have 5 brothers.. when I met my other side of my family I felt so complete. Then the worst happened.

19 years old I get a call that my dad had been killed in a car fire. I had just seen him that week... I couldn’t believe that I waited all this time to find him just for him to be taken away so sudden. It felt like my heart had been snatched out of my chest. Til this day there’s a piece of my heart missing for you. I was SO angry at God.

All the long talks and prayers I had with God that the day would come to meet my dad and I only got 5 years, my time was cut short. It’s still a healing process to cope but I try to focus on the positive. I now have a family that I can count on. Brothers that look up to me and one thing I’ll never forget is my dad apologizing for being absent in my life. Before he passed he promised to always be here for me and that was the closure I needed. A lot of girls that have absent fathers search for love in the wrong places. I was one of them. It’s not easy when you don’t know what true love from a man is. Especially in this generation of hook ups and lust. The hand I was given... could’ve played out differently. I could’ve been Promiscuous, easily sweet talked into being a statistic. ALL of these adversities were in front of me. Even when I tired to go down the wrong path God didn’t let me.

I’ve stood my ground and chose to turn my situation around for myself and my future by chasing my dreams. Every now and then reality hits but By the grace of God I was raised by strong independent women who taught me to get it on my own, respect myself and focus on my goals. A lot of girls don’t have the support system I had, which is why I’m passionate about breaking out of my shell and sharing my story. I hope to be a blessing to other young women who are confused and lost in this world. Learn to forgive, be set free, and most importantly LOVE YOURSELF. Treat yourself with respect. Honor yourself. Take yourself on dates. Appreciate your own beauty. Get so caught up in yourself that a man has no choice but to treat you accordingly. What I been through wasn’t for me and THATS the bigger picture.



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